Books & Chapbooks: 

I AM BARBARELLA (Twelve Winters Press, February 2015)

NO MAN’S WILD LAURA (Hyacinth Girl Press, June 2016)


Flash Fiction:

“Like Air, or Bread, or Hard Apple Candy” Noble / Gas Qtrly, March 2017

“A Five-Pointed Failed Paper Love Weapon” Cheap Pop, October 2016

“Go Off in the World, Violet” WhiskeyPaper , February 2016

“Mad Ruin” People Holding, October 2015

“Hush…Hush, Sweet Lindsey” Literary Orphans, April 2015

Spaghettification” Luna Luna Magazine, reprinted at, October 2014

“Buddy and Lurch” Kudzu House Quarterly, Issue 4.1, June 2014 (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, & storySouth’s Million Writers Award)

“Rosemarie Cuts the World” Kudzu House Quarterly, Issue 3.2, December 2013

Yard Show” The Minnesota Review, Fall 2013 (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

I Am BarbarellaBlue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series, October 2012

QuietStone Highway Review, Issue 2.1, September 2012



Short Fiction:

“Turbulent Like May, Wet Like June” This Zine Will Change Your Life (Forthcoming 2017)

“Fly the Car to Mars” Little Patuxent Review, Winter 2017

“The Gopher in Rae’s Chest” Storychord, February 13, 2017

“No Man’s Wild Laura” Bull, Spring 2016

“Gwen of All Gwens” Elke: A Little Journal, Issue One, November 2015

“B-Sides” A Mixtape of Words Anthology (Reprint from I AM BARBARELLA: STORIES, Little Fiction, February 2017) (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Regarding Suebelle” Jam Tarts, Issue Two, October 2015

“Girls Like That Eat Lemon Pound Cake” Little Fiction, May 2015 (Reprint from I AM BARBARELLA: STORIES, Selected by as “Fiction Pick of the Week” & Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Some Girl”Fwriction, September, 2014 (Selected by as “Fiction Pick of the Week”& nominated for storySouth’s Million Writers Award)

“Getting By With Sound” Ambit Magazine 215, February 2014

Juveniles Lack Green” Quiddity 7.1, Spring/Summer 2014 

“Paper Fans” Columbia College Literary Review, April 2013

After the Fire is GoneNoctua ReviewJune 2013

Machine” Superstition ReviewApril 2013



“Baleen” Luna Luna Magazine, January 2015

“What Me Made” Luna Luna Magazine, January 2015



Crazy Cat Lady Blues.” Synaesthesia Magazine, June 2015 (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“I Would Move Like Silk When This Was Over.” Sundog Lit Letters from the Road September, 2014

A Girl and a Civil War DressKnee-Jerk Magazine, January 2013

AfterimagePithead Chapel, April 2013

Two Points for Charlie” The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, October 2013 

“I’m My Own Woman CornbreadTwisted South Magazine, September 2013


Guest Blogs:

Guest Blog Post: “On Depression, Vulnerability, Risk, and Writing” s(r), November 2014

Guest Blog Post: “The Quiet Times” s(r), December 2013



“Ted Morrissey on Calypso, Accomplished Lying, and the Contemporary Novella: An Interview with Ted Morrissey” Fourth RiverMarch 2011

Mormons, Academia, and Romantic Poets: An Interview with Lisa Heiserman-Perkins” Fourth RiverJune 2012


Book Reviews:

Review of John Gosslee’s Blitzkrieg.” The Iowa Review Online. April 2014.

“Review of Kelly Whiddon’s The House Began to Pitch.” Fjords Review Online. Sept. 2014

“Review of Terence Hawkins’s American Neolithic.” Fjords Review Online. Oct. 2014

“Review of Jacob M. Appel’s Phoning Home: Essays. Fjords Review Online. Jan. 2015

“Review of James Nolan’s You Don’t Know Me: New and Selected Stories.  Fjords Review Online. Jan. 2015

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