I AM BARBARELLA The playlist for my debut story collection includes: songs I’ve always loved, songs inspired by the characters in the book, songs I listened to while writing over the past 4.5 years, songs of heartache and innocence, songs of desperation, songs of true love, songs of angst, of melancholy, and songs of freedom. I hope you’ll listen, enjoy, and share.

Put Your Glad Rags On And Let’s Sing Along To That Lonely Song“: A Playlist for NO MAN’S WILD LAURA, Little Fiction | Big Truths.

Interviews, Reviews, & Podcasts:

“Interview With Beth Gilstrap” by Steven John. New Flash Fiction Review, July 2019

“Southern Feminism: On Beth Gilstrap’s ‘No Man’s Wild Laura’” by Melissa Grunow. The Coil, May 14, 2018.

“A Little Arrhythmic Blip” (originally published in Hot Metal Bridge, Issue Twenty-Two) featured on Mr. Bear Stumpy’s Violet Hour Saloon podcast, February 14, 2018.

“No Man’s Wild Laura” in “Recommended Reading 2016,” Necessary Fiction, December 2016.

Interview by HC Marks for Podcast June, 2016

“Don’t Tell a Girl.” Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon: Featured Writer, May 24, 2016.

Writing Wild: An Interview with Beth Gilstrap by Steph Post August 10, 2016

“Review: Beth Gilstrap’s I AM BARBARELLA by Kayla Rae Whitaker.” Split Lip Magazine, Issue 16: December, 2015.

A Place of Understanding: A Conversation With Beth Gilstrap.” Split Lip Magazine, Issue 16: December, 2015.

“Songs of the South: A Review of Beth Gilstrap’s I AM BARBARELLA by Angele Ellis.” Weave Magazine, June 20, 2015.

Review of I AM BARBARELLA, Kirkus Reviews, June 16, 2015

Interview: “A Q&A (and A) with Beth Gilstrap and Jared Yates Sexton,” Little Fiction, May 27, 2015

Interview on I AM BARBARELLA: Twelve Winters Press Blog w Ted Morrissey

Interview: 5Q4Q Quiddity International Literary Journal, January 31, 2014 

“I Am Barbarella” & “Rosemarie Cuts the World” featured on Boston Free Radio’s Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon 

“Juveniles Lack Green” featured on Quiddity’s Radio Program, Episode 7.5, May 2014

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