Little Fiction’s 2016 Top Ten Lists

Good afternoon all,

I have just returned from grocery shopping for the holidays and feel a bit pummeled. Yes, there may have been a Twitter gif with Rob Stark at that blasted wedding. Anyway, I hope you’re all ready for winter and year end celebrations and whatnot. Over at Little Fiction | Big Truths we do Top Ten Lists every year, but this year was more difficult than ever and many of them trended toward “things that didn’t suck this year.” I have one in there as well, but encourage you to read them all. To laugh. To cry. To feel my after the fact embarrassment when I confess to being in love with an entire table full of folks at AWP LA. To rock back and forth in the corner with your hands over your face, you know, to each his own. Cheers and Happy Solstice!

Love Always & Thanks for reading.



Little Fiction | Big Truths 2016 Top Ten Lists

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