New Story Day at Little Fiction

Good afternoon all,

We are super stoked to bring you our first new stories of the year. Go forth and read new work by Dave Housley (of Barrelhouse) and Schuler Benson. We hope you’ll dig these strange beasties as much as we do. When you finish, check out our latest mixtape for Kinda Sorta American Dream by Steve Karas and Troy’s interview with writers Jess Taylor and Kevin Hardcastle. There is so much to love over at Little Fiction. I seriously love being a small part of this journal. If you dig any or all of these, please be kind to our authors and share them.

Thanks for reading.

Love always,


Lawn Man” by Dave Housley

Komodo 90210” by Schuler Benson

Jess Taylor vs. Kevin Hardcastle” Interviewer/Instigator Troy Palmer

Kinda Sorta American Dream Mixtape” by Steve Karas


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