Split Lip Magazine, Literary Citizenship, and a Giveaway.

Hola friends,

Split Lip Magazine Issue 16 is live including a conversation between James Yates and me and a generous review of I AM BARBARELLA penned by Kayla Rae Whitaker. I’ve been writing a few top ten lists this week and thinking a lot about the vast extremes in my life this year. I am so grateful for the support of people like James and Kayla and Split Lip’s EIC Amanda Miska. These are not people I knew before we all started taking our writing seriously. This in and of itself is a glorious thing and I want to do my best to hold onto it, despite much continued heartache with this writing thing, and with life, really.

In this spirit, I have a few copies of my book left. Think I’ll do some sort of giveaway of signed copies. So, if you share the latest issue of Split Lip or an episode or two of Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon, or Citizen Lit, I will put your name in a hat, draw random winners, and ship a copy of my book off to you by Monday. Be sure to tag me when you do, so I know about your act of literary citizenship.

Thanks for reading, as always.



Review of I AM BARBARELLA by Kayla Rae Whitaker

A Place of Love and Understanding: A Conversation With Beth Gilstrap



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