Kickstarter Campaign for a New Web Design for Smokelong Quarterly

SmokeLong Quarterly

DIRECT LINK TO SMOKELONG AT KICKSTARTER to find out the prizes at each level!

We publish cutting-edge flash fiction, and we need a web site that shows it off. Help bring our online presence into the next decade!

Hey, did you know SmokeLong Quarterly started publishing flash fiction in 2003?

Did you also know we haven’t had a major web site redesign since then?

Let’s take a look at how far the world has come since then. In 2003 when we started publishing:

  • MySpace was just beginning (launched August 2003)
  • Wikipedia was two years old
  • There was no Facebook, You Tube, or Twitter
  • Reuben Studdard beat Clay Aiken on American Idol
  • The Department of Homeland Security began operation
  • Lance Armstrong was still a hero
  • We only had five of the Harry Potter books
  • Apple introduced the iTunes download store

The world has changed. Dramatically. And now it’s SLQ’s turn. We…

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