Sundog Lit’s (Letters from) the Road Contributors

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We are so excited to bring you the list of contributors for the upcoming (Letters from) the Road theme issue:

Joanne Allred | Marcia Aldrich | Georgia Bellas | William Bradley | Karina Briski | James Brubaker | Morgan Carlock | Tasha Coryell | Stacey Engels | Matthew Gavin Frank | Beth Gilstrap | Jeremy Allan Hawkins | William Hoffacker | B.J. Hollars | Pam Houston | Emily Isaacson | Kristin Jensen | Gina Kelly | David Lazar | Christine Hyung-Oak Lee | Lawrence Lenhart | Eireann Lorsung | Eric LeMay | Lee Martin | Meghan McClure | Paul McQuade | Brian Oliu | Ray Shea | Nicole Walker | Patrick Williams | Harry Wilson | Rebecca Worby | Robert Vivian | Siamak Vossughi

Guest edited by Jill Talbot | Forthcoming late August 2014. 

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